On The Trail of Alexander the Great, Tajikistan, September 2018


My final jaunt through Tajikistan has taken me to the capital Dushanbe and then on to the north. Dushanbe translates as Monday, and when this was previously a sleepy town the weekly market was held on a Monday hence the …

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The Wakhan Valley – A Stone’s Throw from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, August 2018


My latest journey has taken a detour from the Pamir Highway into the Wakhan Valley region. Although I won’t bore you with too much geopolitical history, in the 1800s as the Soviet empire was pressing south and the  British were …

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Roadtripping The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan, August 2018


  I have just travelled the Pamir Highway- an epic road trip across the roof of Central Asia. The road runs through the middle of the Pamir mountain range linking Kyrgyzstan with the western part of Tajikistan (a region called Kohistani …

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