Tips – Solo Travelling

The joys of solo travelling include a greater likelihood of meeting and interacting with locals and fellow travellers.  Unquestionably you also get to choose the itinerary without compromise!

Meeting Other Travellers

Many solo travellers often spend periods travelling or hanging out with other travellers they meet, punctuated with periods of making their way ‘alone’. Backpackers hostels or lodges are usually a great place to meet fellow travellers of all ages, organize tours and transport and bone up on local information.  My days of sleeping in dorm rooms are over, but many hostels offer single, private rooms often with an ensuite bathroom – which is my preferred accommodation.  Booking onto an organized tour is another great way to meet and mix with people  for a day or a few days at a time.

Personal Security

Personal security is one of the biggest issues when travelling alone.  Most places are safe to walk around alone during the day (get local information about places you should avoid). As a rule I never go out alone after dark, or if I am caught out I always catch taxis and have a mini LED light that lives in my bumbag for emergencies.  It pays to have some solo entertainment options for evenings including books (e-readers are most economical space-wise), editing photos and writing a travel journal.

Solo Female Travellers

Women can travel solo fearlessly to most places in the world but common sense and being ‘street-wise’ will be required.

Don’t make yourself a target of unwanted attention by behaving and dressing modestly.  Excessive alcohol intake can often lead to compromised judgement and leave women vulnerable in unfamiliar surroundings at night.  It’s fine to interact and meet with locals or other travellers but do so in public places eg cafes, restaurants. I never accept invitations to meet at private residences.  Some of these rules can be broken occasionally if in the safety of a group of people that you trust.

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