Lake Khuvsgul, Mongolia, August 2014

  My trip ends by the shores of Lake Khuvsgul in northern Mongolia- the smaller sister of Lake Baikal in Siberia. So stark is the difference in landscape after rolling on for more than a week through interminable grassy steppe. …

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From Genghis to Stalin, Mongolia July 2014

The Mongols have helped fill many chapters of the history books but this was another empire that crumbled back to dust. The Huns originated from the Mongolian steppe and spread to conquer large sections of Eastern Europe (under Atila the …

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The Gobi Desert, Mongolia, July 2014

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  Sain bainu! My latest adventure finds me in Central Asia doing an overland trip across Mongolia. I’ll take you on the journey from the Southern Gobi Desert to the northern ‘taiga’ forests that border Siberia. I’ve started my trek …

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