Nordic Awakening, Copenhagen, Denmark April 2022

Nyhavn Panorama

I have awoken from a slumber, it’s finally time to brush the cobwebs from my passport.
A long journey to Europe for a medical conference has given me time for reflection. I was nervous to be unfettered again.  How has the world changed after the panic of Covid 19? Have I changed?
But travel is like an old friend I am catching up with again- the certainty in uncertainty, another subway system to be negotiated, time going slowly, senses heightened, different languages, different smells, different coins jangling in my pocket. Learning to see the world from another point of view..

The 3 day conference in Copenhagen has energised me again personally- meeting up with colleagues from around the world, a handshake, a bear hug, discussions of new ideas and projects. This is more  powerful than a thousand Zoom meetings will ever be.

And what of the delights of Copenhagen? Amidst a cold snap across Europe the inclement weather cleared for one day of sunshine to allow me to explore the old town.  I feel so grateful to the weather gods. The brightly painted house and shopfronts with steep pitched roofs so typically Nordic line the pretty harbour of Nyhavn. Cozy cafes coax foot traffic to stop for coffee, cake and smorrebrod. Breathing in nostrils of icy air I feel a long way from home as the little mermaid returns my gaze.  It is a harbour city where Scandinavia meets continental Europe, progressive contemporary architecture melds with traditional black fishermen lodges.

    Nyhavn Harbour
The long winter of hibernation is over – I feel I have much to be grateful for as the world welcomes me again and the doors to my imagination open again.
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