From Slavery to Rally, Senegal, January 2020

Somehow when I came out the escape hatch this time I landed in West Africa. I only spent a few days in Senegal on the western most point of the continent before a longer journey through some of the Sahel belt of Africa. This is all colonial French West Africa. So brush off your French and prepare to explore a new corner of Africa with me.

First impressions of Senegal is of a laidback country defined by its coastline and thousands of palm trees and massive baobab trees dotting the land. 

I only spent a few days in Dakar which is famous for the finale of the Paris to Dakar rally, but also infamous as the major port (l’ile de Gorre) where some 6 million slaves left West Africa in servitude to the ‘new world’.

With fresh coffee and croissants for breakfast each day it’s been a gentle introduction to my travels ahead. Soyez la bienvenue!

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