Xmas in FSM, December 2023


Well I’ve come in for a soft landing to end 2023 spending a week scuba diving on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia). For those of you searching for it on a map it’s north-east of …

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Samoa, April 2023


I visited Samoa for a short sojourn- to scratch my scuba diving itch again. It is another slice of Pacific Paradise captured in a few words.. Neat gardens, tidy towns Everyone wearing white walking home from church on Sunday Sultry …

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Christmas in the South Pacific, Vanuatu, December 2022


I have opted for a week of downtime scuba diving in Vanuatu to see out the year. A warm bath full of colourful fish, brown smiling faces, tropical fruit for breakfast, languid days, learning to stroll slowly, sultry air that …

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By the Banks of the Murray River, South Australia, September 2022


My latest exploration has taken me to south central Australia on a houseboat aboard the mighty Murray River. This great brown artery is the lifeline of much of Australia’s agriculture and foodbowl of the southern states and an historic highway …

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Tarkine Treasure, Tasmania, Australia, March 2022


This week I ventured on foot into the Tarkine region in north-eastern Tasmania- a small area of still untouched old forest that has existed since the days of Gondwanaland and the dinosaurs. One of the largest and oldest areas of …

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A Tale of Three Capes, Tasmania, Australia, September 2021


It’s not travel as I used to know it but more a quick escape- temporary flight from the claustrophobia of coronavirus oppression. Luckily wilderness therapy is still some of the best medicine so I packed the rucksack and headed to …

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Walls of Jerusalem Hike, Tasmania, Australia, February 2021


Travel in the time of the Covid world pandemic has been a rare and precious thing. While Australia’s borders remain closed to international travel I’ve turned to my own arguably magnificent backyard for inspiration. This week I rejoined a gang …

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Trek Larapinta, Northern Territory, Australia August 2020


The sun has finally risen on my travels again although I have been restricted to my ‘own sandpit’ because of the coronavirus global pandemic. My playground for the last 9 days has been the classic Larapinta Trail hike over the …

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Cape to Cape Hike, Western Australia, June 2018


I’ve had the shortest of mid-winter escapes to hike one of Australia’s Great Walks: the Cape to Cape track in south- Western Australia. The 135km track follows sections of the ancient trails of the Wadandi Noongar indigenous people of the …

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Routeburn Track, New Zealand, January 2017


Kia ora! Well I’ve just hung up the hiking boots following another superb trip ‘tramping’ in New Zealand. Along with a dozen or so new friends I hiked for 6 days through the Greenstone Valley and then climbed up onto …

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