I Found Love in Slovenia, April 2024


My latest detour has been to Slovenia- a small country sandwiched between Italy, Austria and Croatia. It looks familiar although I’ve not travelled here before- pretty villages nestled under alpine panoramas, piercingly tall church steeples. I never put my finger …

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Where is San Marino? March 2024


I have book-ended a conference trip with some short forays to bite sized European destinations. The tiny Republic of San Marino sits atop Mt Titano in the northeastern Italian landscape. Through geographic fortune rather than might and power the enclave …

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Luang Prabang, Laos, February 2024


You won’t often find me backtracking however I made an exception to catch up with a gang of old friends in the friendliest country in Asia.. Laos. We soaked up a week enjoying the charm of the pretty (World Heritage …

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Xmas in FSM, December 2023


Well I’ve come in for a soft landing to end 2023 spending a week scuba diving on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia). For those of you searching for it on a map it’s north-east of …

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Call Me Persian, Iran, October 2023


You have to admire a country of people whose national hero is a poet. There is a saying in Iran that every household should have at least 2 books at home- the holy Koran text of Islam and a handbook …

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Mushrooming in Latvia, August 2023


When my guide for the day asked me if I knew anyone else who had been to Latvia I thought for a moment then replied no. Apparently that’s the usual response so it feels like I now belong to an …

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Going Dutch, Netherlands, August 2023


A conference in Amsterdam has been the impetus for my latest exploration – a few late summer days wandering the old town and its maze of canals. Amsterdam came about as a settlement of seafaring traders in the Middle Ages. …

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Samoa, April 2023


I visited Samoa for a short sojourn- to scratch my scuba diving itch again. It is another slice of Pacific Paradise captured in a few words.. Neat gardens, tidy towns Everyone wearing white walking home from church on Sunday Sultry …

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The Tata in Togo, February 2023


The final chapter of this journey is set in northern Togo – a small country on the West African coast sandwiched between Ghana & Benin. While many West Africans live in big cities attracted by the prospect of jobs, a …

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How Do You Voodoo? Benin, February 2023


  When the West African slaves arrived in the Americas they were forbidden from practising their religious beliefs. The practice of Voodoo has nevertheless survived and thrived with its original birthplace considered to be Benin. It is a religion that …

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