Hoist the Sails, Seychelles Islands, April 2019


I’ve drifted further north now to spend a week aboard a century-old Dutch sailing schooner exploring some of the inner islands of the Seychelles. This little Republic comprises more than a hundred granite and coral islands scattered over an area …

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Land of the Dodo, Mauritius, April 2019


I have washed up this past week on the Island of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a stone’s throw east of Madagascar.  The nation is a fairly sleepy mix of people of Indian descent, Creole (French black …

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The Ottoman Accident, Turkey, February 2019


I swear I’ve never opened a history book, yet as I travel this world it keeps turning the pages for me. I ended up in Turkey accidentally as it was the launch pad for my tour of Iraq. And yet …

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Modern Day Mesopotamia, Iraq, February 2019


I’ve journeyed through Iraq over this past week- another country pockmarked by lengthy wars and still living with a heavy security presence. The country has an incredible ancient history that outshines any of its current troubles and a soft underbelly …

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Almaty- the modern day traveller’s Caravan Serai, Kazakhstan, October 2018


My last week of this journey has taken me to the southern corner of Kazakhstan which was the most northerly reach of the Great Silk Road. The small town of Turkistan is home to some incredible Timurid architecture from the …

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Trapped in a Marble Birdcage, Turkmenistan, September 2018


I have spent the last week travelling in Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country wedged between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to the north and Iran and Afghanistan to the south. It’s landscape is made up in large part by the sandy Karakum …

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The Legends of Samarkand and Bukhara, Uzbekistan September 2018


  The cities of Samarkand and Bukhara have existed for over 2500 years. I could try to rattle off some of the civilizations and empires that have ruled these areas from the Persians and Greeks (under Alexander the Great) to …

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The Living Silk Road, Uzbekistan September 2018


As I travel through Uzbekistan now the mountains have all but disappeared and a dusty haze settles on the landscape. But the road is paved with iconic Silk Road towns – ahead of me lie the almost mythical places of …

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On The Trail of Alexander the Great, Tajikistan, September 2018


My final jaunt through Tajikistan has taken me to the capital Dushanbe and then on to the north. Dushanbe translates as Monday, and when this was previously a sleepy town the weekly market was held on a Monday hence the …

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The Wakhan Valley – A Stone’s Throw from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, August 2018


My latest journey has taken a detour from the Pamir Highway into the Wakhan Valley region. Although I won’t bore you with too much geopolitical history, in the 1800s as the Soviet empire was pressing south and the  British were …

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