A Detour in Uruguay, January 2018


  This past week has seen me take a short detour through Uruguay. It’s made me realise that almost everyone south of the Equator loves a good barbecue – whether it’s a braai, a barbie, a churrasco or a parilla. …

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Great Southern Land, Antarctica, December 2017


  I stood on the shore facing the seventh continent, the great southern land. The barrier between us had always been a small matter of the Southern Ocean – a stretch of water with many a name to describe her …

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A Love Affair with a Portuguese Tart, Portugal September 2017


My latest travels have brought me to Portugal. Although unforeseen it strangely and naturally follows on from my previous travels in Central Asia, linked by ripples in history. Indeed it was the seafaring exploration of the Portuguese that opened up …

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Roxana of Bactria & Other Tales From Afghanistan, May 2017


My trip has taken me to the north of Afghanistan to Mazare Sharif, a city near the Uzbekistan border and renowned for its fine carpets. It boasts a magnificent shrine to Ali (the cousin of the Prophet Mohammed). Simply breathtaking …

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The Warlord Who Sells Carpets in Kabul, Afghanistan May 2017


It was possibly the friendliest welcome in the world – the turbaned, bearded man with a wide smile brought his hand over his heart and bid me Salam aleykum.  “Aleykum Salam” I replied and returned the gesture. You will probably …

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Routeburn Track, New Zealand, January 2017


Kia ora! Well I’ve just hung up the hiking boots following another superb trip ‘tramping’ in New Zealand. Along with a dozen or so new friends I hiked for 6 days through the Greenstone Valley and then climbed up onto …

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Ten Knights in Malta, November 2016


Merhba! I have finally found the escape chute again & this week it has deposited me on the islands of Malta. Occupying a central position in the Mediterranean Sea Malta has been a well-fought over piece of real estate – …

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Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar, March 2016


The final stage of my travels in Myanmar this past week has been a journey under the sea, scuba diving around the Mergui Archipelago of islands in the Andaman Sea off the southern coast. The teak live-aboard dive boat I …

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Temple Strewn Plains of Bagan, Myanmar, March 2016


The second stage of my journey in Myanmar has taken me to the dusty plains of Bagan. Between the 10th and 13th centuries Bagan formed the centre of the First Burmese Kingdom and was perhaps the most important Buddhist religious …

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The Road to Mandalay, Myanmar, March 2016


Mingalaba from Myanmar! Perhaps you can’t locate me yet in South-East Asia but I’m sure many of you will recognise iconic images from ‘Burma’ – the elegant ‘long-neck’ ladies of the Kayan tribe resplendent with tightly coiled brass rings to …

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